I just straight-up told my parents I don’t want to be a french teacher anymore. 

My dad? Scoffs at me. “Well… that’s disheartening to hear, I should just go back to India.”

Me: “Oh I’m sorry, it’s disheartening to know I’ve figured out what doesn’t make me happy anymore? Okay!”

Dad: “Then why are you in university if you don’t want to be a french teacher anymore?” 

Me: “Hmmm, well let me see, I don’t know… because I enjoy what I’m studying? Gratification? Enjoyment? I like being a knowledgeable human being?”

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Fun hang times photocred: @halfadams


this made me cry


RIP to all those who didn’t make it to 2014. And to those that did; I’m so, so proud of you.

I didn’t even try to scroll past this

♥ To you.


"Floating Disc"

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Lana Del Rey
Coachella, 2014